Bio Gas Burners

Bio Gas Burners

Bentone Biogas Burners are a type of burner designed specifically for the combustion of biogas, which is produced from the decomposition of organic matter such as food waste, sewage, or agricultural waste. These burners are known for their high efficiency, low emissions, and reliable performance.

Bentone is leading the way with new development within combustion engineering and we are working continuously to reduce CO2 emissions. We focus on quality, high performance and low fuel consumption and all our burners carry the CE marking and are produced according to the European norms EN 676 and EN 746-2.

Gas became more and more popular as an alternative fuel to oil at our export markets. When Bentone first launched our gas burner several years ago, it was well received by our customers on the global market. All our oil and gas burners are designed according to Bentones own philosophy. The principle is simple, we use as many components as possible for all models which in the end gives us simplicity and our distributors and customers can keep less spares on their stock.

Approved burner for industrial applications

In addition our gas burners can be delivered approved according to the EN 676 J and K Directive. (Applicable in the EU and countries that comply with the same standard)

Annex J - Harmonization of the Machinery Directive:
Requirements for installation of burners in industrial applications. For example. ovens, hot air boilers, melting furnaces and spray booths.

EN 746-2 - Industrial process burners:
Requirements for the installation of burners on boilers for processing, refining, industrial ovens, manufacturing and other industrial processes.

Annex K - Harmonization of the Pressure Vessel Directive:
Requirements for the installation of burners on boilers, hot water boilers and hot oil boilers with a temperature above 110 ° C.


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